0 Victims of the detention centers of Misrata

Victims of the detention centers of Misrata
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26 bodies was found of young people from Bani Walid was missing during the war with gangs of Misurata, and it seems that the missing have been subjected to the ugliest forms of torture.
Names that have been identified so far:
Martyr - Imran Baalilh Ibouhmrh
Martyr - Salem Ohbit
Martyr - Mohammed Issa Rezgui
Martyr - good M'hamed Chouran
Martyr - Pacific Khalifa Rezgui
Martyr - Saleh Baroud
Martyr - Khalid fishing Rezgui
Martyr - Omar Mehdi Ben Dallah
Martyr - Amer Hussein Allf
Martyr _ Ajili Muhammad Ismail
Martyr _ Khaled Almhenawi
Martyr _ Majdi Alvazaa


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