0 Abstract of Bani Walid Crisis

Abstract of Bani Walid Crisis

A Decision was made on 25-09-2012 by the Libyan national legislature to arrest wanted people in the city of Bani Walid, the decision lacked a quorum and was made by non competent people, it was made under the pressure of weapons and the proceedings are documented in a video. It was a show to stir the media, and was a witch hunt for Gaddafi supporters.The so-called decision (article 7?) was used to
cover up capital crimes against the city's (Bani Walid's) children.
A resolution was made On (5-10-2012 and 14-10-2012 ) by a large group of delegations (Tribal Elders) to Bani Walid to solve the problem and the city agreed to the proceedings published in the media to cooperate fully with the state agencies .

The city was under siege from ( 30-9-2012) and the militia (Misrata) prevented the entry of medicines, medical oxygen ,doctors, baby food, and fuel ,they prevented the entry of the residents to their city as well as the organizations such as Amnesty international and local organizations and called on the UN mission in Libya to lift this siege of Bani Walid.

From (2-10) to (23-10-2012), Shelling of Bani Walid took place from several places at random from Hauser tanks and grad rockets as a result many houses were destroyed. The victims were children (Mahmoud 8 years on 10-10-2012, Bilqis 9 years and Abdul hammed 13 years). As a result of this indiscriminate shelling were brought to the Bani Walid hospital, while the Red Cross were visiting, also children were lost in the desert.

a) Mahmoud b ) Bilqis c ) Abdul hammed
The city had the second looting in its history and burning and bulldozing of houses after the end of the military occupation and the theft as well as looting of stores of the general hospital .

The Libyan defense secretary declared that the operations were led by a militia [misrata] and he said that human rights watch reported that serious violations happened during the operations around the city and according to the office of the Libyan Chief attorney and the office of the secretary of defense and committee of the national security in the national congress that there were no people wanted by the state in the city. War crimes occurred in the city by killing and destroying infrastructure


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